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HAB: Habitat for Agricultural Breakthroughs. Our vertical farm encased in a 3D printed living building, aptly referred to as The HAB, represents a habitat where cutting-edge technology meets sustainable agriculture. The HAB embodies our vision to redefine farming practices, creating a habitat that nurtures plant and human life, supports communities, and bridges the gap between vertical farming and regenerative agriculture. With The HAB, we're not just building structures; we're establishing habitats for innovation, growth, and a brighter agricultural future.


Modular Container Garden

Discover the Modular Container Garden 2.0 (MCG2.0) by Shipshape Urban Farms – a pioneering solution for urban agriculture enthusiasts. This advanced system empowers you to cultivate high-quality produce efficiently within limited space, achieving the equivalent output of more than 5 acres within just 500 square feet.

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Sprout Caps

At Shipshape Urban Farms, we hold justice at our core, affirming that healthy food access is a fundamental right, not a privilege. Our "Sprout Cap" utilizes Kratky's hydroponic method, enabling small-scale farming from home.



At Shipshape Urban Farms, we offer a complete suite of services designed to support and empower your vertical farming  journey. Our dedication to innovation and sustainability is matched only by our commitment to your success. Discover how our range of services can transform your aspirations into flourishing realities.


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