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Our Story

Founded in 2016 by Dale and Angela Speetjens, Shipshape Urban Farms (SUF) emerged from a shared passion for sustainable agriculture and innovative farming. Dale's expertise in environmental design, landscape architecture, and city planning, paired with Angela's horticultural background and hydroponic knowledge, propelled their mission to revolutionize sustainable  farming. In the summer of 2017, SUF officially launched as a proposed urban farm in Mobile, Alabama, introducing modular hydroponic farms housed within a single shipping container. Recognizing their model's potential beyond the local community, Dale and Angela crafted a visionary business plan to empower others and address broader food security concerns. While operating their initial container farm, they laid the foundation for a network of agripreneurs, poised to cultivate fresh produce in compact spaces.
The pandemic prompted reflection and adaptation. Dale and Angela reimagined their farming approach, giving rise to a system capable of producing the equivalent of 5 acres of greens within a mere 500 square feet. As SUF welcomed its inaugural customer, Dale and Angela's inspiration soared. They saw the far-reaching potential of their innovative approach and expanded their vision, committed to making a significant global impact.
Looking ahead, Shipshape Urban Farms continues its journey towards sustainability. Their aspirations include pioneering regenerative agriculture and envisioning the world's first 3D printed hydroponic farm, a fusion of technology and precision. A sustainable ethos remains at their core as they work towards a net-zero farm powered by renewable energy. In their unwavering commitment to a holistic approach, Shipshape designs living structures that blend seamlessly with the environment, embodying regenerative principles for a truly sustainable future.

Our Core Values 

Justice: Ensuring access to healthy food is a fundamental right, not a privilege.


Innovation: We constantly seek new ways to revolutionize farming through cutting-edge technology and creative thinking.


Resilience: We tackle challenges with determination, embracing adversity as an opportunity to grow and thrive.


Inclusion: Foster a culture of inclusivity where individual authenticity is celebrated, and diverse perspectives are embraced to enrich our collective mission and purpose.

Camaraderie: Embrace moments of levity to foster a vibrant and fulfilling workplace.


Our Name

Inspired by the term "shipshape," a salute to Dale's military service and a representation of meticulous precision, our company's name embodies our commitment to crafting vertical farms that operate with impeccable efficiency. Just as a ship's components harmonize to navigate the seas, Shipshape Urban Farms integrates innovative technology and sustainable practices to chart a course for vertical farming toward a future where technology and sustainability seamlessly intertwine.


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