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Contained within a mere 320-square-foot area, our inaugural Container Garden, featuring a hydroponic growing system within a repurposed shipping container, yields the equivalent of 3.4 acres of  lettuce, herbs, and leafy greens. Offering effective disease and pest control, it nurtures crops in a protected environment, promoting thriving yields. Requiring minimal labor—just 10-20 hours weekly—it optimizes productivity while minimizing resource consumption. It also uses 10% of the water needed for conventional farming.


Through remote monitoring, we can maintain vigilant oversight of every growth parameter—from pH and EC to temperature and humidity—facilitated by automated nutrient management and precise climate control fostering an ideal growth environment for crops. In a brief five-week cycle, it yields around 1,200 plants weekly, reshaping expectations around the efficacy of vertical farming.


During its use, this solution revealed an intriguing insight: shipping containers, while innovative, fall just short of being optimally profitable for hydroponic produce cultivation. We recognized that their dimensions didn't perfectly align with our goals for efficient production. This realization led to the development of our second iteration, the Modular Container Garden—a creation built from the ground up to better meet the needs of sustainable,profitable vertical farming.


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