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Test Farm in Irvington Al. 

Our journey began at the Irvington, AL test farm, a laboratory for innovation and exploration. We nurtured a CSA program here, testing crops and comparing diverse growing techniques, including in-ground planting, greenhouses, hoop houses, and our prototype within a repurposed shipping container. Though the test farm is no longer, its legacy remains the driving force behind our ongoing commitment to sustainable agriculture.


The Prototype

Our shipping container prototype is a hydroponic farm housed within 320 sq ft of space, equal to the output of 3.4 acres. Operating year-round, it minimizes resource usage by up to 90%, significantly reduces labor demands to 10-20 hours per week, and offers remote monitoring. Designed for efficiency, it yields lettuce, herbs, and leafy greens in just five weeks from seed to harvest.



Mobile Farm

Our vision for Downtown Mobile was to create a captivating and lively urban agricultural hub, featuring raised beds, hydroponic farms housed within repurposed shipping containers, a quaint market, and a shared communal space in a blighted area. While this dream remained a concept, it embodies our unyielding innovative ethos and unwavering commitment to nurturing a vibrant sense of community.


Birmingham farms

The Innovation Depot is set to become the new home of our original prototype, a repurposed shipping container farm. This pioneering hydroponic system will flourish within the Innovation Depot, nurturing an array of microgreens. This revitalized space will not only exemplify sustainable agriculture but also boast an artistically refreshed exterior, adding a touch of local creativity to Birmingham's urban environment.



Graham Creek Farms

Shipshape Urban Farms proudly announces Foley, AL, as its inaugural customer for the Modular Container Garden, a cutting-edge solution for urban farming. Nestled within the captivating beauty of Graham Creek Nature Preserve, Foley embraces sustainability and technology to cultivate high-quality produce. Stay tuned for details on the upcoming grand opening, symbolizing the harmonious blend of nature and innovation.


NASA/Above Space

The Demeter project envisions a constellation of satellites positioned at LaGrange points, offering novel solutions to space exploration challenges. It includes phases like researching resilient plant species for sustainable growth, converting carbon dioxide into vital resources, and creating an attachable inflatable habitat module for astronauts. This groundbreaking initiative holds the potential to reshape space exploration by addressing critical resource challenges and establishing sustainable practices.

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HAB:Habitat for Agricultural Breakthroughs

HAB: Habitat for Agricultural Breakthroughs. Our vertical farm encased in a 3D printed living building, aptly referred to as The HAB, represents a habitat where cutting-edge technology meets sustainable agriculture. The HAB embodies our vision to redefine farming practices, creating a habitat that nurtures plant and human life, supports communities, and bridges the gap between vertical farming and regenerative agriculture. With The HAB, we're not just building structures; we're establishing habitats for innovation, growth, and a brighter agricultural future.


Birmingham, Al.


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