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Project Demeter

​At Shipshape Urban Farms, innovation is more than just a core value—it's our driving force. We are dedicated  to redefine the agricultural landscape by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology and innovative creativity. With this ethos deeply embedded, we proudly present the Demeter project—a groundbreaking initiative that harmonizes perfectly with our commitment to innovation. By envisioning a constellation of satellites strategically positioned at LaGrange points, Demeter revolutionizes space exploration, embodying the very spirit of our core value. These satellites, purposefully designed, hold the potential to unearth unique plant cultivars, process grey water, manage carbon dioxide, and produce essential resources like food, medicine, and ethanol-based fuels. Going beyond the traditional model of space stations, Demeter offers a cost-effective alternative, enhancing mission safety and sustainability.


The Demeter project's first phase encompasses the deployment of a compact 6U satellite focused on studying plant species to discover unique cultivars capable of thriving in space's demanding conditions. This satellite is poised to provide crucial insights into sustainable plant growth, shaping future resource production. Advancing to phase two, a sophisticated 50kg satellite takes the lead, equipped to convert significant carbon dioxide reserves into essential resources such as water, food, alcohols, and pharmaceutical compounds. The Falcon 9 launch vehicle will propel this satellite, driving the mission of sustainable resource utilization. The project's third and final phase culminates in the creation of a sizable, attachable inflatable habitat module developed by Above Space, seamlessly integrating with existing space stations. This module is designed to offer astronauts a secure and comfortable living environment while concurrently facilitating the ongoing operations of resource processing satellites, marking a significant milestone in establishing sustainable space presence.

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