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Introducing the


The world's first 3d printed
living building that is a vertical farm

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Shipshape Urban Farms 
Where Vertical Farming Meets Regenerative Agriculture

HAB blends living systems and high tech automation
to foster the highest standard of sustainable farming

HAB or Habitat for Agricultural Breakthrough is our newest vertical farm encased in a 3D printed living building, aptly referred to as The HAB, represents a habitat where cutting-edge technology meets sustainable agriculture. The HAB embodies our vision to redefine farming practices, creating a habitat that nurtures plant and human life, supports communities, and bridges the gap between vertical farming and regenerative agriculture. With The HAB, we're not just building structures; we're establishing habitats for innovation, growth, and a brighter agricultural future.

Working With the Best Partners

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Using the seven performance categories or “petals” of the “living building challenge”, it goes beyond just being energy-efficient; it generates its own energy, captures and treats its own water, and incorporates natural and locally sourced materials. Living buildings are designed to be regenerative, giving back to the environment more than they take. They prioritize human health and well-being, often featuring abundant natural light, excellent air quality, and spaces that connect people with nature.

The HAB is designed to provide for a community of 1,200 households, meeting their daily vegetable consumption needs.
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