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Shipshape Urban Farms is an agritech company focused on the development of the Container Garden,  a 3.4 acre hydroponic farm inside an up-cycled shipping container. 


It is our mission to reduce food-miles through the creation of Agripreneurs to 

provide a safer, fresher, more cost-effective food source.

Container Garden

3.4 acres inside an up-cycled shipping container

Become a Shipshape Urban Farmer

Why do it alone? When you buy a Container Garden from Shipshape Urban Farms, you are not just buying our technology. You also gain access to our network of farmers, our team of experts, and most importantly we connect you with customers.

digital farmer
Digital Farmer

The Digital Farmer


Our app, the Digital Farmer, gives you a "Horticulturist in

your back pocket."

- Check on your farm anywhere, anytime


- Manage work flow 


- Receive notifications when you are running low on supplies 


- Order everything you need 


- Shipshape lets you know if a problem is detected


- Your customers can anticipate your next harvest and order produce from you 


- Invoice customers 



The Shipshape Urban Farms team offers a training session in Mobile, Alabama covering all aspects of your new "Business in a Box."

Topics Include

- Operations 

- Maintenance 

- Scheduling

- Food safety 

- Crops and crop selection 

- Sales 

- Repairs and troubleshooting 

- Digital Farmer usage 

- Continuing support system

Contact Us

Contact Shipshape

Mailing Address:

63 South Bayou Street unit B Mobile, Alabama 36602  |  Tel: 251.367.0160

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