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Discover the Modular Container Garden 2.0 (MCG2.0) by Shipshape Urban Farms – a pioneering solution for urban agriculture enthusiasts. This advanced system empowers you to cultivate high-quality produce efficiently within limited space, achieving the equivalent output of more than 5 acres within just 500 square feet.

At the heart of the MCG2.0 lies a custom-built steel structure designed for durability, customization, and energy efficiency. It features an integrated tank and exceptional insulation boasting an impressive R-value of 29.7. This structure can be tailored to align with your specific requirements, offering a resilient foundation for your urban farming endeavors.


The cultivation area of the MCG2.0 comprises four racks, each carefully designed for optimal plant growth. These racks incorporate advanced lighting and direct airflow mechanisms, accommodating up to 11,000 plant locations. Through an integrated hydroponic system, plants receive the essential nutrients and nurturing conditions needed for robust growth.

A standout feature of the MCG2.0 is its nursery zone, serving as a central hub for seedling production. With three production layers and over 3,000 seedling capacity, this zone utilizes an integrated hydroponic system and efficient irrigation setup to ensure ideal care and growth conditions for seedlings.


Efficient water management is a hallmark of the MCG2.0, featuring a well-designed irrigation system. This system employs a circulation pump engineered for maximum energy efficiency, achieving a flow rate of 7,200 GPH/120 GPM. Equipped with three-stage filters and five peristaltic dosing pumps for nutrients, this system provides precise nourishment for optimal plant development.


Experience streamlined control through the Shipshape Urban Farms system's user-friendly HMI panel. With strategically placed sensors, the system accurately manages the growing environment, fostering consistent and optimal plant growth. The Climate Control Unit enhances this precision with its integrated air intake, ventilation system, CO2 canister regulator, and versatile modes catering to different temperature and noise considerations.

Empowering your farming journey is the MCG2.0's Digital Farmer app. This tool enables real-time monitoring of inventory, seamless supply ordering, and continuous tracking of unit conditions. The farm operating system arrives pre-programmed with recipes for nutrient dosing and environmental control, erasing uncertainties from the farming equation.

Embrace the future of urban farming with the Modular Container Garden 2.0 from Shipshape Urban Farms. This innovation not only propels your agricultural aspirations but also contributes to a sustainable future by revolutionizing urban food production.

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